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Joining the TLD Apparel team means stepping into an ideal work environment with abundant growth opportunities, fostering creativity, innovation, and personal development.
Distinctive cultural traits

At TLD Apparel, we actively cultivate a unique corporate culture that harmoniously resembles a family, with the overarching goal of “BECOMING A HAPPY ENTERPRISE”. Choosing TLD Apparel means entering an environment where you can openly share everything, a place where you can develop your passions and actualize your dreams. Moreover, it’s a place where you are assisted and appreciated.

Elevating Professional Expertise
TLD Apparel consitently encourages employees to continuously innovate, set personal goals, and tackle new challenges to affirm themselves. Along this career path, TLD Apparel provides you with a specific work trajectory, opens up training opportunities, and offers specialized career guidance for you to unleash your full potential.
Attractive Compensation and Benefits
An ideal workplace not only offers a job with growth potential but also recognizes your contributions through attractive compensation and benefits. At TLD Apparel, you will work wholeheartedly and receive the most deserving values.
Opportunities for Advancement and Growth
We understand that for every individual to unleash their full potential and hidden creativity, it requires an empowering work environment, providing opportunities and new challenges to explore one’s limits. Therefore, each department at TLD Apparel values sharing, the spirit of seizing opportunities, and embracing new challenges to succeed and grow together.
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