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CMT: (Cut, Make, Trim): This type of garment manufacturing is perfect for when you know exactly how your clothes should look like. Meaning that you have figured out the design, sizes, grading, patterns, fabrics, dyeing, and printing. The only thing a clothing manufacturer does is – cut, make, and trim.
Ideally, a clothing factory providing this service should have automatic fabric cutters, experienced sewing and quality-control technicians. Learn more about one of these aspects on the fabric cutting page.

We need to have these details from you to make your CMT request:

  • Full design specs including seam-to-seam measurements.
  • Fabrics selection and grading
  • Fabrics pattern(s)
  • Stitching methods
  • Haberdashery selection
  • Printing methods (if needed)
  • Embroidery methods (if needed)
  • Packing methods
  • ETD materials
Lead time:

  • Sample making: 5 days
  • Production: 20 – 30 days