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FOB (Free One Board): includes steps from gathering raw materials, developing garment, and bringing products to the dock. This will find the end of the file. Costs such as shipping and other additional costs will be borne by the ordering customer.
Process Lead time

Step 1: Review Your Final Tech Pack.

We need to have:

  • Techpack with Measurement chart
  • Quantity per style and per color
  • ETD garment

In case you don’t have techpack, please send us original sample for reference

5 – 15 days a sample round.
Step 2: Making Your Physical Proto Sample, Fit Sample.

Step 3: Submit Your Bulk Production Order

Once the price and sample are approved and the PO is released, the invoice will be issued for 50% advantage, and the PPS will be submitted while materials are prepared for bulk production.

60 – 90 days after PO signed

Step 4: Receive Bulk Production.

We can deliver (almost) anywhere in the world. We’ll issue an invoice for the balance of your order upon delivery, and a freight invoice after rates actualize.